Friday, 5 June 2009

Blog worthy?

Unsurprisingly the animals survived spending the weekend home alone. The water bottle was secure and Knerten apparently properly hydrated. trilltrall and I had a good weekend down in slightly more southern climes and everyone was happy.

The past week I've been waiting for the animals to do something blog worthy. That, and waiting for trilltrall to experiment with his new camera by taking pictures of the little critters. There have been no blog worthy acrobatics and no pics from trilltrall. What's a poor blogger to do?? Let's talk about flowers. :-)

Summer has reached the high north, at least where I work, and there are both white clover and red clover just by my bus stop out there now. Pearl was always such a sucker for white clover, so I figured maybe the little robs would appreciate it too. I think it was Tuesday I brought some home with me. It was a resounding success, wouldn't you know.... :

Me presenting white clover to Knerten:

Knerten approaching said flower:

Fjerten just completely ignored it. Silly two-legs, bringing flowers!

Tonight I didn't bring them any.

I have seen the animals tonight though. Knerten got up relatively early tonight (10pm) and started running in her wheel. She ran aroundfor the camera a little when I approached:

And even Fjerten was up for a snack:

Man, she needs to have her cage cleaned. Maybe that will be done tomorrow. I suppose I could clean their cages more often, but on the other hand... They are very small animals, their bodies can only produce so much waste. (Yeah, yeah... excuses, I know!)

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Leisha Camden said...

Aw, cuties!! :-D

Is it possible that Fjerten doesn't understand that the flower is food, and that that's why she ignores it ... ?

As for the cleaning, didn't you tell me that they totally freaked out the last time you cleaned the cages? That would be an argument in favor of cleaning as rarely as is sanitary, since the freakout thing is probably not good for them - stress and so on ...