Monday, 30 June 2014


Last night I realized that Lada's neck fur is getting thin again. I called the vet this morning and got an appointment for 9am tomorrow. So Lada will be off to the vet again. Looks like the mites are back. It's not very obvious yet, but definitely the case, I think.

This is Lada tonight. His fur is definitely getting thinner in the same area as before.

Damn it. He looked so good. I had really hoped he didn't have chronic bad immune system, but it's starting to look like he does.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lada and his hamster ball

Whenever Lada actually gets up at night before I go to bed, he always gets to run around in his little hamster ball, usually for 20-60 minutes depending on how late it is. He also gets 15 minutes of free range time in the guest bathroom, which is the only room in the house with no cables, no big furniture to hide under, etc.

When running around free like that, he always starts by scent marking the same corner of the room. Always. The same corner. And then he runs around for a bit until he gets tired of it and climbs back into his hamster ball.

I have been trying for ages to get this on film! He normally runs around for 5-15 minutes and then climbs into his ball. For some reason it has been hard to get on video! But last night, finally, finally…!

Take 1:
No, wanted to run around some more.

Take 2:
Nope, not done yet.

Take 3:
Having a little climb on two-legs, not ready for ball yet!

Take 4:
Enough of this, let me out into the rest of the flat again! :-)

Friday, 6 June 2014


I finally weighed Lada today. He weighs 104 grams. He came to live here 4 months ago today, more or less, and was 5 weeks old at the time, which makes him…  just shy of 5,5 months old today. Apparently they are usually fully grown at around 6 months old.

He seems so small compared to Tanita!! Tiny little big-ears. :-)