Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Taming of Knerten

...not going so well, actually.

This is Knerten from last night, jumping off of my hand after gobbling up a few pieces of cereal.

On Saturday she was all nice & smiles & whatnot, and I even lifted her out of her cage and my friend Leisha Camden even got to pet her a tiny little bit. No such happy feelings yesterday, as you see.

Ah well. Things take time.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Home alone... again!

So, trilltrall and I are off to Dublin tomorrow morning and we'll be away for a whole week. It's a very good thing that we have low-maintenance pets who can take care of themselves! :-D

I fully expect them both to survive and thrive and not miss us one iota. Except that Knerten, being the intelligent one, probably will miss the occasional snack she gets when I try to tame her. She'll probably come running when we get home next Thursday. She did last time we were away and I assume a week isn't long enough for her to forget about us completely.

I'm very glad the heatwave we've been having is definitely over now, that way I don't have to worry about the little ones' water supply. I'm rather concerned about Knerten in that dept. Her water bottle stays where it should (thanks, again, to electrical tape), but I think she has a hard time actually reaching it. It's too close to the cage wall, I think. When I cleaned her cage here the other day, I didn't totally dry off the plastic bit that makes up the 2nd floor of her cage. She came running and licked the remaining drops of water off of the bottom of it. Instant angst!! I confiscated poor Fjerten's food bowl and turned it into a water bowl for Knerten. The problems with that solution are many and obvious, but at least she then had access to water. Thankfully it's now +17 C rather than +33, though, so I'm not that concerned.

Really need to find her another water bottle, though. Which is hard, what with the plasic cage that doesn't work with regular issue water bottles. Anyone got any ideas?

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fjerten being cute

Fjerten was also out and about while her cage was being cleaned by scary two-legs. A few videos of her:


I love the smell of hamster urine in the morning.

We've had a heatwave here in Oslo for two weeks. Yesterday we hit an all time high of +33 C. Officially. That's hot.

A consequence of which has been that the hamster cages have, well, stunk. Which they normally don't. It's not that long since last time I cleaned their cages, but I just had to get rid of the lovely scent of dwarf hamster pee.

As usual, the little ones got the chance to run aound a little in the digging box. Here is Knerten being her adorable self, eating rolled oats out of trilltrall's hand:

And here she is showing off how big she is!