Thursday, 28 May 2009

Securing the water bottle

So, we're going away for the weekend and the animals have to make do without us. There's no problem with that, other than poor Knerten's water bottle.

Knerten has a plastic cage, no bars. Consequently, the water bottle is attached to the cage with these whassname-thingies... and the suction can't be too good, as the bottle fell down several times last weekend! Angst! My poor hamster could die from thirst!

Knerten's water bottle and its whassname-thingies in close-up:

Of course, we can't go away for the weekend and risk the water bottle falling down again and poor Knerten suffering the consequences.

Lucky for Knerten, for some unknown and hardly logical reason, trilltrall has electrical tape. One of the many uses of electrical tape: making sure a dwarf hamster has a steady supply of water which won't suddenly fall down while there are no two-legs around. Behold:

That should work, don't you think?


Leisha Camden said...

Definitely!! I was going to offer to hamster-sit when I'd read the first couple of paragraphs, but now I see that there's no need for it. :-D Kudos to trilltrall for saving the day!

Leisha Camden said...

Everything went well while you were away, I assume? :-)

KAS said...

Oh yes, they both survived. I planned a post called "Survivor", but then decided against it... ;-)