Sunday, 24 May 2009

Running wheel

Robs are nocturnal. I am most definitely not. The result of which is that I'm usually sound asleep by the time the little beasts get active.

However, last night I didn't get home until closer to midnight and Knerten was at it running in her wheel. It would've been fun to sometime, somehow, measure exactly what distance she runs in the course of one night. Fjerten too, for that matter. They run and run and run and run... Gråperle/Pearl did also, but she also climbed a lot. Fjerten has Pearl's old cage with plenty of climbing options, but I never see her climb except when something has scared her and she's trying to get away fast.

They both run, though. And run and run and run. And look around a little, and then run some more. This is Knerten from last night:


AudiX78 said...

I wonder why they run so much, they must somehow see they're not getting anywhere right?

Leisha Camden said...

I've wondered that too sometimes. :-) But they must have a really strong instinct for running ... don't they pretty much go nuts if they have a running wheel and then it's taken away from them? I mean seriously lose their minds? o_O

KAS said...

Audi - yeah, maybe they just enjoy the exercise! :-D

LC - apparently they can get so bored if their wheel is taken away from them that they just die from it. Apparently they can also learn to live without a running wheel, provided they never get one in the first place and their cage is full of other fun things to run up and down and around and in and under and etc...