Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cleaning time

Today it was time to clean cages again. As Leisha Camden has mentioned, the animals do indeed freak out whenever their cages get cleaned. So I don't clean their cages very often. It's also a bit of a project, what with two cages and this & that. Stuff necessary to clean cage and not necessarily necessary, but fun:

So it's a bit of a project. The box with dirt there was made for Pearl so she'd have something fun to dig in. Now Knerten and Fjerten have inherited it.

trilltrall assisted with the cleaning today, much appreciated of course. He took some nice shots to be posted later.

Unusually, the animals haven't freaked completely since the cleaning happened. Knerten doesn't seem perturbed at all. Fjerten spent some time sulking in her tunnel, but she seems ok again now. It would be good for them if they learned to accept that cage cleaning is necessary sometimes.

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