Friday, 1 April 2016

Or the most obvious one: go to bed late

I get up at the crack of dawn, so of course I also go to bed pretty early (according to most people, 10pm is early! Who knew?! :-) ). Yesterday I got home a lot later than normal, so stayed up longer than I usually do on a work night. And Vingdragån was all smiles and super sociable and couldn't wait to get out of his cage! He came running to me when I talked to him, instead of hiding in his house. He still doesn't like when you actively grab him, but he was happy to climb into my hands to be lifted out of the cage. He had a run in the sofa first, and then in the hamster proof bathroom. There is video!

Eating carrot on the roof of his house.

Still eating carrot. Towards the end of this video, you can really see silver highlights in his coat! I know that Black hamsters' long fur is grey, not black, but here it really does look like Vingdragån might be Silver-Black.
A few tumbles in the bathroom as well:

And I just had to include this. I was worried he'd be stuck there forever!:

This morning he was also very sociable and more than happy to climb out of his cage to get some running around in the sofa done.

Right now things are looking quite good taming-wise!

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