Sunday, 20 March 2016

Vingdragån's 3rd day

Vingdragån is our 6th hamster and yet… Every Single Time I forget how frustrating it is with a new hamster! He isn't too skittish, but insists on not going anywhere near my hand. Have tried enticing him with broccoli (no thanks), cucumber (nope), dried banana (bwahahaha, no), cereal flakes (u kidding bro?), and right now asparagus. No luck.

This is the most I've seen of him today and he never did grab that piece of cereal:

Update: I got tired of waiting and therefore tricked him a little bit...

Step 1: find egg carton, cut holes, place asparagus on top.

Here he is eating asparagus!

Step 2: being a hamster, he found the egg carton super exciting and climbed in.


Step 3: grab egg carton containing hamster and place in travel cage. Move person and hamster to hamster-escape-proof bathroom.

Commence handling experience.

He's adorable. I kind of doubt he'll climb into the egg carton again now though...

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