Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Another solution: getting up in the morning

I normally get up for work at 5.30am on weekdays. I know it's insane. But Vingdragån is awake and kicking at that time of morning, which is great! I had him out of his cage yesterday morning, and this morning he was practically jumping up & down waiting to get out. He still didn't want me to lift him out of the cage, but he was more than ready to climb out on his own. Maybe I should start getting up 15 minutes earlier, so I really have time for him in the morning.... I'll have a think about that! ;-)

On the sofa this morning (kinda hard to handle the phone with one hand and hamster with the other at, did I mention that, 5.30 in the morning!):

He was so easy to deal with this morning, which is strange since he was a total scardycat last night and ran away when I approached his cage. Guess he's just more sociable at 5.30am than 8pm.

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