Saturday, 15 February 2014

Lucky Lada; King of the Cage

Sooo my new hamster moved in last Saturday, February 8th. He was 5 weeks old at the time. Tiny!!

His name is Lucky Lada, on account of his living in a Rolls Royce cage. :-) He has a brand new rat cage all to himself. It measures a whopping 78cmx48cm, and is 78cm high! It's a gigantic hamster palace!

I haven't been able to get any good pictures yet, because he isn't quite tame and I'm trying not to give him a heart attack. I'm working on getting him to approach me. He's happy to come grab oats from my fingers, but he's still a bit jumpy. I have time. He'll come around eventually.

He's such a cutie pie though, isn't he :-D

I was supposed to get a hamster from a breeder this time, but she ran into trouble getting her hamster pregnant. I just couldn't wait until the summer... not when my local pet shop suddenly had little hamster babies. One of their employees breeds hamsters at home and then they sell them in the shop. That's practically like buying from a breeder ;-)

I do want a long haired hamster next time, but I hope Lucky Lada gets a good 2-4 years on him first. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new home Lada!