Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Great Escape

Bummer that I didn't have a camera man on standby this morning!

Fjerten escaped. She was soooo eager to get her morning snack, she was practically jumping up and down. I opened the side door to her cage instead of the top door. This hasn't been a problem before, as she's been way too shy to get particularly close to my hand. This time, however, she more or less jumped up and suddenly she was outside on the floor. Oh noes!!

Freedom! But she only had it for like 2 seconds. I grabbed her so fast! :-) Lucky for me, she ran towards the wall and then to the right, which means she was aiming to get behind her cage. If she'd turned left, she would have been under the sofa before I'd even had time to blink. And then I don't think we would've ever seen her again.

True to form, she screeched when I caught her. Something tells me she'll be even more freaked out than usual over the next few days.


AudiX78 said...

Poor thing. Her carefully laid out plan of making her bigthing trust her enough to make it possible to escape failed... and now of course she has to do it all over again...

KAS said...

LOL! Yeah, that must be it! Devious little beast.